SeniorACT regrets to announce that it's founder, Phyllis J. Cole, passed away on January 4, 2014.

She treasured all of the posts and opportunities to help others who were involved in senior activities.

This page is for any activity director working in long-term care facilities, adult daycare, retirement, assisted living, subacutes, and skilled care centers. It is an area where activity directors can come to obtain instant activity program ideas, resources, and information on activity conferences in the nation.

This section will give you a month's worth of activity programming ideas. The calendar can be used in it's entirely or can be incorporated into your facilities monthly calendar.

This section will have an ever-changing list of resources to write to obtain information on books, films, supplies and forms to assist your search for new activity programming. Also, complete activity programs that will include a brief program presentation, objectives, supplies list, and additional resources.
Please e-mail for further information on complete activity programs.

This section will allow Activity Directors to network, job bank search and to exchange ideas.

This section will announce any activity conferences that are held on a national, state and local areas. e-mail for further information

This section is for companies to advertise their products. e-mail for further information

This section contains return links to sites that have provided a link to SeniorACT as well as other interesting sites on the Internet. If you would like your link to appear here, place link to SeniorACT on your web site and a send message to Webmaster.

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